Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pie in the Face Challenge

John Wright (from Act of Kindness blog) is a missionary to Kyrgyzstan (the country we adopted our daughter from). For the past 3 years, there has existed a Christmas time challenge called "Pie in the Face Challenge". It is a fundraiser to collect funds to bring Christmas to orphans and underprivileged children in Kyrgyzstan. $5 will bring Christmas to 1 child this Christmas. Their goal is to bring Christmas to over 2000 children in Kyrgyzstan this Christmas. So far $3,480 has been raised. That means 696 children will feel special this Christmas. They will feel like someone in this world actually cares about them. That they are not alone in this world. That they matter! Now, how can we tell the other 1,304 children they aren't important? They aren't special? For only $5, you can help "bring Christmas" to an orphaned child.

I personally know a missionary in Kyrgyzstan that is involved in helping to bring Christmas to a special needs orphanage. We stayed with her during our time in Kyrgyzstan. She has a huge heart for the orphan! Thanks to the Pie in the Face Challenge, she can help bring a smile to these kids faces. She can "bring Christmas" to children that otherwise would not get such a treat. 

There are many terrific people who have taken up the challenge to raise $500 and get a pie thrown in their face! Cindy LaJoy's family, Hilary Marques, Rebekah & Julie Wright (John Wright's daughter & wife), Jengish & Talant (Kyrgyzstan), and the "waiting families*". All of these people and more. You can choose which one you would like to see get a pie in the face! I was a challenger in this fundraiser last year. Though I did raise the $500, I somehow didn't ever get around to getting a pie thrown in my face! I will have to do that b/c that was the deal. When I do, I will post up the pictures here. It will be fun! 

Thanksgiving started up the Christmas pie Challenge. It was started 3 years ago when Cindy LaJoy on a whim suggested that if her friends donated $1000 for us to bring Christmas to the orphanage, then her boys could throw a pie in her face... Every year now since, others have stepped up to the plate along with Cindy to raise funds to "bring Christmas" to the orphans. 

This year is by far the most ambitious goal: $10,000 to bring Christmas to over 2000!

They had some exciting news...they have a donor that recognizes the need for not just a one  day celebration, but recognizes the need for on going advocacy for the children that LAMB International provides, so here is the deal...  for every $ donated this year, they will match $ for $ to the LAMb fund... What a blessing... all the more reason to be thankful...

So what are you waiting for? Skip the latte today and  CLICK HERE to donate $5 to help "bring Christmas" to orphans!

For anyone out there looking for ways to give to the needy, to the orphans, to the helpless, here is another great website to find ways to give: iam1ru

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  1. Thank you so much for the plug... we have had such a successfull campaign with over 10 000 raised ... and matched... I think Christy will be getting her pie this week ....