Sunday, October 31, 2010


Tomorrow is the day. The BIG fundraiser will start tomorrow and end December 1st. The winner of the **REALLY GREAT PRIZE** will be randomly selected and announced on December 1st. I will ship it out A.S.A.P. after receiving the address of the winner so it can be delivered in plenty of time for Christmas. It would be a really great Christmas present!

After speaking with Andrea from Reece's Rainbow about the fundraiser we are planning, and praying about it, we are now planning on the funds going to the older children grant funds. This way it will help out more then 1 child and we won't select the child. It will go to the next child adopted off of the older child wait list. We feel this is what we should do. We hope a lot of funds will be raised through this fundraiser and will help at least 3 older children to be adopted. The more funds we can raise, the better chance an older child will have to get out of an institution and into a loving family. Some of the older children have been surviving in an institution for years. Some of them are about to be transferred. Some will surely die if not adopted soon. Please help spread the word about these precious children and stand with us as we fight to give them a chance to go from struggling to survive to truly thriving in a loving family!

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