Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 deaf / hoh Orphans that Need Your Help

Please help these children!  All 3 of these children qualify for the Older Child Grants that the donations go to. You could help them get adopted and not spend the rest of their lives in an institution! Only $5 for one entry to win the iPad!

Boy, Born August 7, 2003
Harrison is a sweet little boy who suffers with hearing loss.  He is physically able but is somewhat cognitively delayed from his lack of hearing and living in an institutional setting.
Born December 31, 2000 Lithuania
Andruis is a precious little boy who is 9 years old.  He is a New Year’s Eve baby, so he brings the promise of great things in every new year!  Andruis has some hearing loss and wears hearing aids. He continuously receives speech and music therapy.  As you can see from his photo, he is doing well, but desperately needs a family as he is considered “older”.
This country requires 2 trips by both parents.  The first trip is only 7 days, the 2nd trip is 10-14 days.  Parents must be 25-48 years of age at application.  A maximum of 45 years between parent and child.  Couples must be married for at least two years.
Please contact Janie Van Dyke with Bethany Christian Services for more information!

Boy, Born July 26, 2001
Main diagnosis: Down Syndrome.  Deafness. Converging strabismus. Obstructive and reflux nephropathia.
Lagging behind in his neuro-psychical development.

We only have this child’s file for 2 months.  If you are considering adopting this child, please do not delay in contacting us!


  1. donated to Older Boys DS
    4 entries
    mer lodge @
    i didnt put it on the chip in, sorry, hope you can still qualify me as i would use the ipad for my sn child

  2. I will contact RR to let them know it was for the Older Boys DS account. You will be entered in the raffle. Thanks & God bless!
    ~Holly <><

  3. I did 1 entry...wish it could be thousands more! (I don't think I did it right either...thought there would be another page to put the info in. But I meant it to go to the older "other angels".) Harrison is such a cutie...if I could afford to adopt again, I would definitely go get him!
    I signed up to follow your blog as well!
    Mom to 6, 4 by sn adoption