Monday, November 15, 2010

Look After Orphans

James 1:27

27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

I want you to meet a few children that are already living in mental institutions. There is no place for them in their society. They will be hidden away in shame from public view, in a mental institution for the rest of their lives. Not because they are mentally ill, or committed a heinous crime. No, just because they happen to be orphans with special needs. 80% of the children transferred to mental institutions will die within the first year after being transferred. Please donate $5 or more to help them get rescued out of these institutions and into a loving family of their very own. Every child deserves to grow up in a loving family, and not be locked away in some institution. Click on one of the "Chip In" to donate. Every cent of your donation goes directly to Reece's Rainbow into an adoption grant fund to help the older children with special needs get adopted. For every $5 you donate, I will give you 1 entry into the raffle for a brand new iPad!

Anna "Older Other Angel"

Anna S.
Date of Birth: June 2002
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: blond
Character: sociable, emotional
Anna is a sweet 8 year old girl who is waiting for a forever family.  We are hoping for more pics and medical info, but she seems as though she was either burned in a fire or some other accident.

Silas "Older Other Angel"

Boy, born on November 29, 2004  
Silas is a handsome little boy with brown hair and big brown eyes.  He is affectionate and has a glowing personality.   He is engaging, alert, and aware.  He was born with CP and all of his limbs are affected by the spasticity.    he has also has strabismus, which could be corrected with surgery.   He is not able to walk, but will truly blossom in a loving family who can provide therapy and encouragement for his progress.  
Silas has already been trasnferred to the institution, and will remain bedridden the rest of his life is he is not adopted soon.
Please consider Silas!

Christopher "Older Boy with DS"

Date of Birth: October 2004
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Nature: Quiet

Christopher is such a sweet heart! He has blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Both of his parents terminated their rights and he is waiting for his forever family at the institution already.

Lena "Older Girl with DS"

Girl, Born November 2, 2004
Lena is a beautiful little girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She was born with Down syndrome, but also struggles with the effects of possible CP and likely some autistic tendencies. She is able to walk on her own and is described as very active, but she does not socialize very much with the other children and is non verbal at this time. It is children like Lena that break my heart so badly, because in an institutional setting, which she is facing soon, she will just continue to close off into herself and truly become one of those children we envision as “institutionalized”. :( I know there is a family out there for this very deserving little girl!

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