Wednesday, November 10, 2010

These Girls Need Rescuing

All of these girls are already living in mental institutions b/c they "aged out" of their baby orphanages. They have special needs so they were transferred at the ripe old age of 3-5 years old to mental institutions. These girls all qualify for Reece's Rainbow's Older Child Adoption Grant funds your donation goes to. Every cent brings a family one step closer to bringing a child out of the institutions and into a loving family. These girls deserve a chance in this world. Their only chance to get out of these mental institutions is to be adopted. With international adoptions costing anywhere between $20,000-$40,000 every penny donated helps! As extra incentive, we are giving away a brand new iPad to one lucky person who donates through 1 of the 3 Chip In widgets on this blog. For every $5 donated, you get 1 entry into the iPad raffle. I do not see a single cent from these donations, it all goes straight to Reece's Rainbow and is tax deductible for you b/c of this. Your entire donation goes to help these children.

Now, please take a moment and view the pictures of these real live children who are struggling to survive in mental institutions b/c they happen to be orphans with special needs. Say a prayer that God will raise up families to adopt these special children.

Angelia, Girl, born on April 7, 2001 
Amelia, Girl, born on August 31, 2001 
Lauren, Girl, born on January 22, 2002 
Kiersten, Girl, born on April 1, 2000 
Victoria, Girl, born on December 12, 2002 
Natalia, Girl, born on March 6, 2003 
Justine, Girl, born on June 11, 2001 
Alisha, Girl, born on March 24, 2003 

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