Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 Children You Can Help Save From the Institution

Girl, Born May 30, 2004

Lindsay is a beautiful girl who has endured much in her ilfe in this orphanage. She was born with a secondary heart condition, although it may have rectified itself. She is considered severely delayed, and is working on her walking, even as she is turning 6 years old. This orphanage has a history of medicating the children, so she has spent much of her life in a crib, repressed….

Lindsay desperately needs a family who has experience adopting older children with special needs, and who has the time to give her to help her recover from this neglect and blossom into the child she is meant to be.

More photos available. She is facing the institution very soon, and is blessed to still be at the baby house. Someone please save her.

Boy, Born July 12, 1999

From a missionary who visited with him in August 2010: “ Daniel is very active and friendly. He is affectionate and likes to play with and greet others. He proudly shows his work to you and enjoys cleaning and keeping a tidy room. Daniel has a great sensitivity to the immobile/special needs children, and often will bring them toys and water, etc to help them. Daniel is a loving boy who will do wonderfully in a family of his own”. RR does not typically advocate for children over the age of 10, but Daniel is a wonderful boy and deserves the opportunity to find a forever family. More photos available, along with full social history and medical records

Please contact:Ky Bower


Boy, Born April 14, 2003

Yuri is a handsome little boy with incredible potential! He is officially diagnosed with a cognitive delay and “syndrome of movement inhibition”, but this child is happy and active and very independently mobile! He is a favorite of the caregivers, and has so much potential in a loving, family environment!

Yuri has brown hair and blue eyes. He is already living in the institution, but has only been there a short time. He needs a family NOW to prevent any further regression in his cognitive abilities. Right now, he is quite a bright boy! Please give Yuri a chance!

Girl, Born June 25, 2002

You’d think Inna was Armenian, but she isn’t! :) Gorgeous girl with dark hair and deep, dark eyes. She was born with club feet and congenital hip dysplasia. She does have FAS, we are working to learn if she has any learning delays. Beautiful girl who so desperately needs a loving family surgery for her feet, and the encouragement she needs to be the best she can!

From her medical records: Congenital right-sided clubfoot, incomplete dislocation of hips, malformation of first lumbar vertebra, compression of spinal cord, flail legs, walking malfunction, bladder ears, neurogenic bladder two-sided megaloureter, chronic pyelonephritis, slight mental delay, the girl can walk.

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