Friday, November 26, 2010


I want to answer some questions publicly now in case anyone else is wondering the same thing.

Q: Will you keep the money that people donate to pay for the iPad and then give the rest to Reece's Rainbow?
A: No. We don't even see one penny of the funds donated. Every cent goes directly to Reece's Rainbow. We are paying for the iPad with our money that we wanted to help the orphans with. We pay the same no matter if $1 is raised, or $1,000 is raised. It's our contribution to helping these orphans.

Q: Why didn't you just donate the money directly to Reece's Rainbow instead of buying an iPad to raffle off?
A: We did this raffle in hopes God would bring in more money for the orphans than we had to donate. AND HE HAS! Praise God!

Q: What are you getting out of this?
A: The same thing everyone else that donates to this raffle is getting out of it....the sweet feeling of knowing you had a hand in helping the "least of these". (Granted, one lucky donor will also get an iPad! But most of the rest of us will just be happy to know we helped orphans in need!)

Look at these precious children that God has called us to look after. In many countries, children with special needs are sent off to mental institutions between the ages of 3-6 years old. Once there, 80% of these children will die within a year. Those that do survive their first year in the institution will face a lifetime of struggle to survive in these conditions. Many special needs children will be tied to cribs and beds and forced to remain bedridden the rest of their lives. All of the children posted on this blog qualify for 1 of the 3 Older Child Grants that your donation is going to. With most international adoptions costing families between $20,000-$40,000, The grants are there to help lessen the financial burden of adoption. There is no shortage of families willing to adopt special needs children, sadly there is almost always a shortage of funds standing in their way! Help us raise funds to help save these children!

James 1:27  Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Atrem (Older Other Angel)

Date of Birth : March 2003
Gender : Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: brown
Character: active, sociable
From a missionary who visited with him recently:  “  Artyem is blind.  He was born in March 2003.  He is a very social boy and my name reminded him of some poem/song so he started singing it over and over to me.  He likes to be held and a lot of contact.  He gave me the impression of being smart as he felt my entire face, nose, ears, hair, everything to try to get a picture of what I looked like.  I think he would learn English really fast.  We were trying to color these things we were putting together (and even though he couldn’t see it I was trying to help him so it just wouldn’t be blank when put up with the other kids).  He didn’t want to color it but just put it together and I said you need to color it first.  He started repeating in English to me over and over… need to color it first, you need to color it first."
Alisha (Older Other Angel)

Girl, Born March 24, 2003
Alisha was born with Penn-Sjogren Syndrome.     We do not have any other info indicating why she may be cognitively and physically delayed.
From her medical records:  Penn-Sjogren Syndrome
As with all children living in these difficult conditions,  this child’s cognitive development has regressed significantly since he/she was younger.  It is of crucial importance that any family considering the adoption of an older child from the mental institution setting be well prepared for what to expect with regards to how the neglect and lack of adequate medical care and nourishment has affected this child.    These children all have TREMENDOUS potential for improvement, and deserve to have a life outside these four walls. 
These children are truly living on borrowed time, and families should be home study approved before an official commitment can be made for this child.

Elizabeth (Older Girl w/ DS)

  Date of Birth: August 2003
Gender: Female
Eyes: Gray
Hair: dark brownThis sweet girl is almost 7 years old.   We are so hopeful to find a family for her!  Elizabeth is so beautiful, and she loves to care for her baby dolls.  She is active, intelligent, social, helpful, and an orphanage favorite.   She does wear glasses, but who knows if they are the right prescription for her?  Elizabeth will do very well in a family setting, and I hope someone will "baby" HER very soon! 

From her medical records:  Down Syndrome, moderate mental deficiency, atopic dermatitis; delay in growth, amblyopia of high degree, congenital myopia with astigmatism

Samuel (Older Boy w/ DS)

Boy, Born June 3, 2003
Samuel has Down syndrome, an undescended testicle & flat feet. He also has a functional heart murmur that does not require therapy. He is integrated in a room with healthy children. He walks independently. He can drink out of a cup but still requires assistance with feeding. He carries our simple verbal instructions.  He seeks out the company of adults. His development is delayed in all areas.
His medical report was updated in March 2010.
The photo is from 2009.

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