Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Adoption is the Option

Adoption is the only option for these children. We can't settle for less b/c less means they will either be sent away to a mental institution where they may be tied to cribs/beds and be forced to remain bedridden for the rest of their short lives. 80% of the children transferred to mental institutions will die within the first year of being there. If they do manage to survive their first year there, they will face a lifetime struggle just to survive. They will live at the institution until they die. In most instances, they are hidden away in shame from public view. If these children are lucky enough to be in a region that does not send them to mental institutions then they will grow up in orphanages and get kicked out on the street around 16 years old. The harsh streets of their society will not have a place for special needs teenagers any more than it has a place for them now. In many countries, anyone who has a disability is looked down upon, viewed as "less than". There are no jobs readily available to them. They have nothing. But with a donation of $5 or more, you can help these children get adopted before it's too late for them! YOU can make a difference! Donate by clicking a "Chip In" button on one of the three boxes at the top of this blog. If you donate as little as $5, you will be entered in the raffle for the brand new iPad! Please see the top of this blog for more details. Thank you for opening your heart to these orphaned children with special needs!

Felix (Older Boy w/ DS)

Boy, Born October 20, 2003
What a cutie!  Betcha he is a handful!  Felix recently turned 7 years old.  He is blessed to be at more of an internat than the institution.  He doesn't have many words of his own, but his receptive understanding is very good.  He is potty trained and does ask to go to the bathroom.  He is described by his caregivers as very friendly and quite the comedian! 
More photos available, married couples only.

Sadler (Older Other Angel)

Boy, Born June 20, 2005
What a handsome little guy!   Sadler has a glowing smile and gorgeous blue eyes!   He was born HIV+.   He is living in the same internat with FELIX (with Down syndrome) and could be adopted together.  Sadler is a typically developing child.  He is smart, healthy, active, and friendly.  He very much wants a family of his own.
More photos available, married couples only.

Angelina (Older Girl w/ DS)

Date of Birth: July 8, 2004
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: dark brown

Angelina is diagnosed with:   Down syndrome, moderate mental deficiency; congenital myopia of high degree with astigmatism, amblyopia of high degree, retinal angiopathy; dermatitis; allergic rhinitis; adenoids; liquefaction of the 1st degree; additional chord of the left ventricle of heart, but  there is no heart disease.
Though Angelina doesn’t talk much – only some separate words, she is a sociable child. She interacts with adults and other children, and has one close friend Elizaveta whom she spends most of the time.  When Elizaveta was taken to hospital Angelina missed her much.
Judging by Angelina’s face expression, and her behavior reactions she understands adults’ speech adequately. She can fulfill caregivers’ directions. She likes to play plot games (especially with baby dolls and hairdresser set) and she also likes meccano, and coloring books.   Angelina can wash her face, hands and get dressed without anyone’s help. She eats with a spoon and drinks from a cup. She has a VERY good appetite and sleeps well. She is potty (toilet) trained.

Miranda (Older Other Angel)

Girl, Born August 25, 2004
Cerebral Palsy
What a beautiful little girl!    Wispy blonde hair and bright blue eyes!  Miranda is healthy and developing well out side of her CP.    She is an orphanage favorite.   Waiting for more info on her ability to walk/speak, etc.  She is nearing 6 is facing transfer.

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