Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life of an Orphan

Imagine the life of an orphan. One day they are abandoned (or taken). Perhaps it was "for their own good". Perhaps it was so they would be fed and have shelter. All they know is that one day they had someone familiar, a mom, a grandma, a caregiver, and now they do not. The "lucky ones" go into the foster system, where they may be passed around from family to family throughout their childhood. They may get a good, caring, and loving foster family, they may not. It's the "luck of the draw". Others go to orphanages, where they change caregivers frequently and where there are too many children and too few workers to supervise and care for that many children like they should. Some caregivers are better than others. Some truly care for the children while others are there b/c that is the only job they could get. Some days they may have enough food to fill their small bellies, some days they may not. These are places where neglect and abuse are common. If the orphans happen to  have special needs, most will be sent away anywhere from 3-5 years old to mental institutions. Most institutions are far worse then orphanages. They are overcrowded, underfunded, and understaffed. Where the needs are great but the staff are few and therapy is nonexistent. Where "survival of the fittest" is the rule and small, special needs children only have a 20% chance to survive their first year there. Some metal institutions they are sent to are for children up to age 18. Some get sent to adult mental institutions where they co-exist with mentally ill adults, where they will stay until the day they die. Most of these institutions are more like "warehouses" for people with special needs. Some "roam free" inside rooms in the institution, some are tied to cribs and beds, forced to remain bedridden for the remainder of their lives. Either way, it is no place for a child (or anyone for that matter)!

One family that recently adopted their son from such a mental institution has opened the door to that institution for 2 other boys to be rescued from such an existence. Here is their story.

Here are the "Older Boys with Downs Syndrome" and the "Older Other Angels Boys" who have already been transferred to mental institutions and Reece's Rainbow is trying to rescue out of these institutions. All of these children qualify for the older child adoption grants that your donation ($5 or more) will go in to:

Heath - Boy - born on April 8, 2001
Maxim - Boy - born on September 15, 2004
Kyle - Boy - born on March 11, 2004
Christopher - Boy - born in October 2004
Bobby - Boy - born on October 30, 1998
Ruslan - Boy - born on November 12, 2002
Marty - Boy - born on June 27, 2002
Kiril - Boy - born on January 20, 2004
Lionel - Boy - born on June 14, 2000

Yuri - Boy - born on April 14, 2003
Glenn - Boy - born on August 16, 2003
Alex - Boy - born on May 30, 2001
Leo - Boy - born on December 4, 2002
Silas - Boy - born on November 29, 2004
Harrison - Boy - born on August 7, 2003
Vitaly - Boy - born on January 14, 2005
Emmitt - Boy - born on January 26, 1998
Dakota - Boy - born on May 1, 2003
Colin - Boy - born on December 16, 2002

These children are truly living on "borrowed time". Please make a donation to 1 of the 3 older child adoption grant funds by clicking on the "Chip In" on this blog. Thank you and God bless you for caring about these children!

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